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Sarah Gouws

Registered Dietitian

Cecile de Klerk


Sarah Gouws

Food and nutrition have always been a big part of her life. She grew up in a family where cooking delicious meals was a real passion. She loves the fact that healthy food can be tasty but also has the power to change people’s lives. Sarah enjoys cooking and developing recipes that make the healthier choices easy to prepare and delicious to eat.

Sarah applies the principles of mindful eating during her consultations for sustainable behaviour change in weight management and has embarked on the journey in Personalised Gene Based Nutrition and Health.

She is also a keen trail runner, qualified pilates instructor as well as a new mom – using this background in her holistic approach to health. Being a new mom has sparked a new found passion for childhood nutrition. She’ll be able to give you practical tips on how to wean your baby onto home-made, easy to prepare wholesome foods.

Nutrition is a wonderful tool to improve health, help manage and prevent illness. Sarah practices this in Kingsbury Hospital where she sees patients in ICU, medical and surgical wards.

Sarah has also written a number of magazine articles and appeared on TV.

BSc Dietetics Hons
Registered with HPCSA and ADSA

Cecile de Klerk

Cecile joined the team in 2018. She is a brilliant addition. She has a passion for food and helping individuals make a difference in their daily lives by addressing changes that are personalised, realistic, achievable and sustainable.

She shares MunchWize’s philosophy that nutrition should be used to prevent, manage and treat illnesses. She loves helping mothers and babies to optimise their health and wellness.

Her passion lies in the encouragement of breastfeeding. Her other areas of interest include diseases of lifestyle such as diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol.

“I love the fact that food has the power to bring family and friends together. I am a real foodie and love to eat and cook delicious food, especially with the special people in my life. I love to share my passion for food with others.”

BSc Dietetics
Registered with HPCSA

How We Can Assist You

We are Registered Dietitians based in Cape Town. As expert nutrition coaches we are able to translate confusing nutrition science into simple, easy to follow tips and tricks to enable you to live a healthy and productive life and enjoy the body that you want.

Learn to enjoy food again and not be confused by it!

At MunchWize healthy living is our passion and philosophy. As Registered Dietitians, we are committed to assisting our clients achieve their personal health goals.

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